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Frequently Asked Questions


How often is the system updated?

What is a document number? 

How long does MCSO have
to serve the document?  

Must all fields be completed?   

How often is the system updated?
The information displayed in this lookup is updated nightly. This means that as processes (documents) are added or changed today, the information will appear on this lookup the next day.

What is a document number?
A document number is the sequence of numbers associated with your paper. The sequence starts with the year (2009), then letters (CRN, CR , CVD, CSC, CVS, etc), then numbers (000000).

How long does MCSO have to serve the document?
Every paper has different service requirements. For more information, contact your attorney or North Carolina General Statutes.

Must all fields be completed? 
No you need only provide one area of information; however, more information will narrow your search.

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